1. We provide a dedicated 1-on-1 service at your convenience

At a location that suits you either during or after business hours, 7 days a week by appointment,

2. Our service is 100% complimentary

We get paid by the lenders. Therefore our service to you is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

3. The ability to compare 25+ lenders and supply you with your best loan options

Our software enables us to compare hundreds of loan products and based on your circumstances provide you with comparisons of your best options. Along with professional advice this enables you to make an informed decision and with access to a variety of lenders we negotiate to achieve the best outcome.

4. We empower you with the knowledge and tools required for your loan life

Knowledge is power. Our aim is to empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to make informed decisions throughout your loan life. This will assist you to save costs and as a result pay off your debt as soon as possible.

5. We coordinate the application paperwork process

Mortgage documents can be extremely hard to navigate if you don’t understand finance jargon. We take care of the application process for you. No lender application forms to navigate on your own!

6. Contactable for free advice for the life of your loan.

We are contactable for free professional advice.

Why Use a Broker


  • The initial interview is conducted at a time and place convenient to you – this could be home, work or the local cafe.
  • The purpose of the interview is to find out your goals and objectives and collect information about your current circumstances. Throughout the interview we will discuss your:
  • – Objective – what you need the finance for (purchase/build/refinance), how much are you looking to spend, what is your timeframe.
  • – Goals – your 5-10 year outlook to enable us to provide you solutions and advice that is going to get you to where you want to be. Whether your goal is to pay your mortgage off as quickly as possible and reduce debt. Or you may aspire to build a property portfolio. Or maybe use equity in the property to invest. We will be here to assist you throughout.
  • – Current financial position – this includes your income, assets/liabilities, living expenses etc. Please have as much information as possible ready for the interview. Documents such as payslips, driver’s licence/birth certificate, bank details, existing loan statements.
  • Throughout the interview we will give you professional advice on loan products and features, ideal way to structure the loan based on your goals and advice on the steps to follow.


  • Based on the information and data collected in Step 1, we will research many different lenders and come back to you with 3 options that suit your current circumstances. These options will be presented in a comparison showing the costs of all options.
  • Once you have selected your preferred Lender and loan, the loan application process begins. We will begin completing your application through our software.
  • As different lenders require different documentation, once the lender is selected, we will clarify what additional documents you will need to supply to include with your application.
  • Completed application is ready for you to sign. This can either be done in person (by another appointment) or can simply be printed, signed and emailed back.
  • Once signed application and all supporting documents are received, we will lodge your application electronically.


  • Once your application is lodged it will be allocated to a ‘Credit Assessor’ to assess the loan application. The assessor will generally pick up the application within 2 business days of lodgement but this can vary, depending on volume of applications the lender is processing.
  • The lender’s credit assessor will look at the application to ensure it has been completed correctly and all supporting documents are attached. At this stage, they may request further documents or seek clarification where necessary. The application is then assessed to ensure you can afford the loan and it meets the lender’s policies.
  • The credit assessor then grants ‘Unconditional Approval’


  • Once ‘Unconditonal Approval’ is granted, the loan documents will be produced by the lender and sent us to double check to ensure all details are correct.


  • Once the loan documents have been received and checked we will arrange an appointment to go through and complete the loan documents.
  • It is imperative that all documents are filled out correctly to ensure there are no hold ups in the settlement process.
  • Once the completed loan documents have been received by the lender we will notify real estate agent, settlement agency and yourself we are ready for settlement
  • A date and time is booked in for settlement to occur


  • Settlement occurs to transfer the funds and the ownership of the property.
  • At the specified time and date, your settlement agent, the seller’s settlement agent and a bank representative arrange the transfer of funds and ownership of the property.
  • Once completed, all parties are notified. The real estate agent will then be in contact to arrange handover.
  • Congratulations! You are now a home owner.
At Empowered Finance we provide a free service to our clients as we are paid commissions for referring you to a lender, writing your loan and providing ongoing service for the life of your loan.

Who pays us the commission?

The lenders pay us a commission based on your loan size. They pay us a combination of upfront commission and trail commission.

What is upfront commission?

Upfront commission is paid to us following successful settlement of your loan. The lenders pay brokers an upfront commission for introducing you to them, writing your loan and organising settlement. By doing this, we are essentially doing some of the lenders’ job for them, so they pay us accordingly.

What is trail commission?

Trail commission is paid to us on an ongoing basis for looking after you, our client and the lender’s customer. Throughout the life of your loan we are here to provide you a service that the lender usually would. The advantage for you is – personalised service and professional advice and guidance that a bank simply cannot offer.

Will we tell you how much the commission is?

Yes, we will. As professional and licence mortgage broker we have a number of obligations when it comes to conducting business. One of these obligations is that, clients need to be made aware of any commission payments being made. You will receive a ‘Credit Proposal Disclosure’ document with your loan documents detailing all commissions paid to us.

Will we ever charge any fees?

In most circumstances we will not charge a fee for our service. There are, however, a few cases where we will need to charge a fee – such as complex commercial deals, bridging loans and short term finance. If a fee is required to be paid, you will always be notified and provided a quote prior.

If you have any questions about how we get paid or would like further information, please call 1800 195 123 or email [email protected]