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At Empowered Finance we can arrange a finance solution for all your business needs – from cash flow loans to commercial property finance.

With access to a broad range of lenders and financiers we will analyse your requirements and find the right solution for your business.

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We know that as your business grows, consumer demands increase and commercial properties may have to be replaced more frequently.

Do you need more passenger cars for your taxi business? A major capital expenditure? Trucks for your construction company? Or a larger commercial space to keep up with your growth?

Your business will need money to maintain your growth and to compete in your industry without falling behind.

Don’t let your competition pull ahead, speak to our commercial lending experts to ensure your business goals are met.

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What is the commercial lending process?

1. Paperwork and documentation

Information about your financial history, income, existing debt, and purpose of the loan are critical in the commercial lending process.

If you need funding for an existing business, you may have to provide some background information about the company and a business plan for the future. Personal financial statements, tax returns dating back to 2 years ago, and a list of assets and liabilities may also be required.

2. Reviewing

Once the relevant paperwork has been submitted, the available collateral, credit history, and income may be reviewed.

In most cases you will need to provide some sort of collateral/security. This usually involves property, plant and equipment and/or goodwill. This is critical in assuring the lender that they can recover the money even if your business strategy fails to go as expected.

3. Approval

Based on the information provided, your loan may be approved or denied.

If approved, you will have to sign a document regarding the total amount to be financed, the terms of the loan, the terms of repayment, and the type of collateral applied to the loan. After the final approval, the remaining paperwork can be filed, completed, and closed.

4. Ownership

You can obtain finance for commercial vehicles or other items and assume full ownership of the vehicles or items at the end of the loan’s term. Empowered Finance can link you to equipment financing with flexible repayment options and term lengths that meet the specific needs of your business.

Benefits of using Empowered Finance for your commercial lending

Expertise in commercial finance

To find the right solution, commercial finance requires a reasonable degree of experience and skills. At Empowered Finance we pride ourselves on the expertise that can help you secure the right commercial finance according to your business needs.

Individual approach

We don’t provide comprehensive, one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we seek out the most appropriate financial solutions for you at the best rates in the market. We can facilitate funding for large corporations, start-ups, developing businesses, and established small to medium enterprises.

Ability to negotiate

Commercial lending tends to be more flexible than most forms of financing. At Empowered Finance we have established a strong relationship with lenders, which gives us considerable knowledge about a variety of commercial lending options.


Our years of experience in the commercial lending industry allow us to link our clients to the commercial loan that best suits their needs.

The step by step process to commercial lending

Step 1 - Application

Our mobile service can come to your home or office, after hours or on weekends, to discuss the finance options available for your business. We can help you understand the commercial lending fundamentals to give you confidence as your business grows and moves to the next level.

Step 2 - Interview

We can schedule an interview where you get a chance to elaborate on your credit needs.

Step 3 - Prospective customer evaluation

We can plan a site visit to examine the location of the business and ask questions to understand your new project better.  We will provide answers and support throughout the process.

Step 4 - Assessment of the customer’s financial condition

You may be required to submit certain documents to your chosen lender. This may include complete financial statements or a board of directors’ resolution to authorise negotiations.

Step 5 - Assessing loan collateral and signing the agreement

Your chosen lender will check your designated collateral to ensure that they have immediate access to it, in the case of defaulted business payments. If they are satisfied with the soundness of the collateral the loan agreement is prepared and signed by both you and the lender.

Step 6 - Compliance monitoring

Your chosen lender may occasionally monitor your adherence to the terms of the loan. They may also visit your business’ premises occasionally to check out your business progress. Throughout the life of the loan, you can always reach out to Empowered Finance for advice.

Why should I use Empowered Finance when commercial lending?

We don’t work for the banks

Banks are less likely to offer you beneficial deals if you are already hooked with them; for instance, if you already have another loan with your bank, they may not provide you with the best rates. They may also overcharge you if you ask for commercial lending. In contrast, at Empowered Finance we can negotiate the lowest interest rates for you, regardless of your financial status. This is because we don’t work for the bank, but for you.

Best deals

We can compare different loans from various lenders that you couldn’t access on your own. With Empowered Finance, you can get a clear picture of what the market has to offer, the entry fees for ongoing charges, interest rates, and other associated costs. You can rest easy knowing that you secured the best deal in the market as we link you to the most appropriate commercial finance company.

Product diversity

At Empowered Finance we continuously challenge the lenders we work with to shift from the traditional banking practices of commercial lending. We look to lenders to offer you attractive terms, good support, and exceptional services. At all times we encourage them to provide funding diversity that can enable us to react to various changes in the market.

Our lending panels are reviewed frequently to ensure that the lenders have a competitive edge. As your business needs change, Empowered Finance can ensure that your loan remains as competitive as possible.

The fundamentals of commercial lending


While commercial lending is less regulated, the underwriting process is more detailed and rigorous. Depending on the complexity of the deal, a commercial loan may take up to 90 days before settlement.

Cash flow factors

Lenders evaluate the ability of your business or property to generate income and repay the loan as agreed. They may work out the ratio of operating income and collateral debt to find the loan to value ratio (LVR) and debt service coverage ratio (DSR).

Loan structure

Commercial loans are often agreed for five years or less. The interest rates are often determined by the business’ financial condition and the type of business. The business owner may be asked as a guarantor to pay if the business fails to meet its obligations.

The follow-up

The borrower may be required to meet the lender occasionally after the loan closes. The agreement may include supplying audited financial statements quarterly or annually and maintaining proper insurance levels.

Specialty lenders, credit unions, major and local banks can provide your business with commercial loans. However, at Empowered Finance we specialise in helping you navigate the entire process. Our expertise and the established relationship with various lenders enables us to find the right solution for your business’ financial needs.

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What our Client Say

Matt helped me refinance my house and negotiated a significant reduction in the interest rate. He was very professional and made it easy to understand what he was doing. I would recommend his services to anyone! ?
Richard W.
Matthew was responsive, polite and professional. He assisted me to refinance using the best deal that was available. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.
Mitchell S.
Empowered Finance assisted with finance for my first home. They walked me through every step of the process. I found them to be knowledgeable &a,mp; professional. Thanks Empowered Finance!
Steve Z.
Matthew was excellent in providing obligation free advice and supplied strategies for us to move forward with our loan. Matt explained everything in great detail that was easy for us to understand. I would highly recommend Mathew’s service to family and friends
Kelly B.
Matt helped us with our loan for our dream property earlier this year. He went above and beyond to help us! He made the whole process so straight forward and go so smoothly. We never felt like we were asking the 'silly' questions, he clearly explained our options and his support and advice through the purchase was second to none! I have recommended Matt to friends and family, he will be looking after all our finances and loans in the future. Thank you again Matt!
Amanda D.
Fantastic service from Matt! I had been putting off negotiating a lower interest rate for my home loan and Matt was so enthusiastic and professional. He managed to get us a great rate! I highly recommend Empowered finance.
Esther W.
Matthew’s service was faultless in assisting with my refinance. With his extensive product knowledge he was able to provide me with the best package and interest rates that suited my home loan. Always available to help with nothing ever to much trouble, I would highly recommend Empowered Finance to anyone after any finance advice.
Tanya R.
Matt has been so helpful with my personal and business loans. I am self employed so getting loans can be pretty painful in the past, Matt made the experience quick and easy on all counts. Would highly recommend him!
Matty G.
We can highly recommend Matthew from Empowered Finance. Matthew is professional, hard working, attentive and very helpful. He made the whole process pain free and easy to understand. We will be back again. Thank you!
Em A.
Matthew made financing my first home seamless! He explained everything in depth and made the process easy to understand for me, which as a first home buyer was very reassuring. He listened to what I was looking for and provided me with the best options tailored to me. I will definitely be back in the future and would recommend him to anyone looking for financial advice. Thanks Matt!
Matthew H.
Matt went above and beyond when refinancing our home loans! Having more than one home, it was testing from the start. Matt sorted them out, found us a great deal, saving us thousands of dollars, and was with us every step of the way. It wasn't easy, but Matt handled it with Humour, Professionalism and no doubt, many sleepless nights! He was only ever a phone call or email away, and answered many questions, quickly and efficiently, and always made us feel like we were the mos... t important client. Our refinance certainly put Matt through his paces, and he never once gave up, even when we were ready to admit defeat! I cannot speak highly enough of Matt. Hes worth the phone call.
Pauline W.
Very good service and communication, highly recommend for first home homebuyers
Simon S.
Matt was great and went over and beyond to help us overcome some obstacles to get our loan approved.
Juanro P.

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